Preparing your home before vacation

One other point I’d add is have a friend check into your home periodically during your vacation!

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How to Prepare Your Home Before Your Vacation

  • Winter Vacation Home

Vacation is a time to escape for a little rest and relaxation, but it’s also the time thieves increasingly break into empty homes.

According to recent claims data from insurance company Travelers, theft increases during the summer months largely because more people are away. But it’s not only criminals you have to worry about while you are kicking back, you also have to be concerned about potential damage from a broken pipe, busted hot water heater or other unexpected mishaps.

“Things happen while you are away,” says Jim Gustin, senior property specialist at Travelers. “There are multiple perils homeowners need to worry and think about.”

Nobody wants to come home from a vacation to find their home has been burgled or discover their furniture floating about because of a flood. To reduce the…

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